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Forum Thread: Please tell me How to Attach Front and Back Bumper Valance on 06 Grand Prix????

I accidentally pulled off the front and back bumper valance on my 06 Grand Prix. I know that I will need to replace the bolts on the sides and middle to keep it in place. I am having problems getting the plastic squares to lock into the bumper. I was wondering if there is a special process on how to do this or any guidance you could provide. I have put together a document with a diagram and some notes.

Forum Thread: Valve Body Diagram

Hi There, I need a diagram on how to put togetter the transmission valve body for a mitsubishi montero sport 97, here in PR, its called a mitsubishi nativa, its a 4x2 3.0 V6 engine. I think that the transmission is a R4A51. I bought the master kit to rebuild the transmission, and did that part fine, but when I got to the valve body I had everything well placed and a friend of mine moved all the parts and now Im done, I can not to nothing because, seriously I do not remember how was back there...

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