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I'm a military mechanic, so I have a good knowledge of basic mechanics. My son has a '98 Chevy Lumina that keeps blowing fuel pump fuses. I know there is a short in the system causing this to happen. It started a few days ago, he was making a left hand turn and it blew. We replaced the fuse, that one blew also after a turn into a parking lot. He replaced it again and it didn't blow for a day or two, now it's blowing every time when he tries to start. That being said, my question is this, on this vehicle where does the short normally occur? If it's in the harness where is a good lace to start, if it's! at or in the pump that's an "easy" fix by replacing the pump. I'm trying to save myself aggrevation of going through the entire harness to fix the short if all it will take is replacing the pump.

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