How To: Apply and spray primer surfacer on your car

Apply and spray primer surfacer on your car

In this video Donnie Smith shows you how to apply primer surfacer. In addition to the visual instructions on the video, you can follow along with the instructions below from Donnie himself. After watching this video, you'll be an expert on primer surfacing!

The repair has already been cleaned, masked and sprayed with epoxy primer. Now the filler primer or primer surfacer ia applied to fill any scratched left by the sanding. Once the primer surfacer is applied, you can block sand the surface, which should be ready for sealer, paint and clear. If not, it may be necessary to repeat this step. The goal is to sand all of the guide coat off without sanding through the primer surfacer ot epoxy coatings.

Step 1 - Mix the primer surfacer (most primer surfacers do NOT have an induction time. mix and spray)

Step 2 - Read the procedure pages for specific recommendations. For the primer we used, the epoxy requires a flash time of 30 minutes. This means that the primer should dry for at least 30 minutes. However, this epoxy has a 72 hour window. This means that you have up to 72 hours to spray on top of it without sanding. If more than 72 hours has passed, you must scuff the panel to provide mechanical adhesion.

Step 3 - Apply the primer to surface. Again, read your procedure pages. This primer state to apply to coats. Be sure to wait the recommended flash time between coats.

Now allow the primer to dry thoroughly, before block sanding. The primer used said to wait at least 3 hours, but Donnie always likes to wait longer to ensure it has adequate time to dry.

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