How To: Replace Steel Brake Lines

Replace Steel Brake Lines

This video series is all about removing and replacing steel brake lines, and includes tips and techniques for doing so. The example vehicle is a Ford Explorer. Learn what tools you need, how to remove brake lines, how to mount brake hoses, the differences in brake line fittings, retaining clips, replacing brake lines, and different types of brake fluids.

Part 1 of 14 - How to Replace steel brake lines

The video above discusses the tools needed for replacing steel brake lines. For the rest of the how-to videos in this 14-part series, check out the full link below.

How to Replace Steel Brake Lines: Video Series | eHow

How to Replace Steel Brake Lines: Video Series | eHow In this free video series, a car maintenance expert will teach you how to remove and replace steel brake lines on a Ford Explorer with step-by-step instructions.

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Nice video, good clear commentary. Helped a lot to see what I'd be getting myself into by doing this work.

Excellent presentation! Just wish I could have it next to my vehicle then I might "do" the job myself. Thank You!

Thanks for you help...

This would have helped if I could watch all the videos, it keeps redirecting me to another page,

Sorry about that. Links should be fixed now.

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