How To: Change a dirt bike tire

Change a dirt bike tire

To change a dirt bike tire follow these instructions. First use the crescent wrench set to loosen, and remove the axle bolt from the wheel you are working on. Then, slide the wheel out of the stays and lay it flat on the ground in an open area. Use the screwdriver to let the air out of the tire by depressing the valve stem with the blade. Now place the palm of your hand on the tire next to the very edge of the rim, and forcefully push downward. If all of the air is out of the tire and you do this quickly enough, the edge of the tire or bead will break away from the rim. Do this on all the way around the edge of the tire on both sides so that the tire is free on the rim. Then, slide the thin edge of one of the tire levers under the lip of the tire and pry the lip towards you. Keep a helper to do the same about 6 inches further along the tire with another lever. At this point the lip of the tire should pop off of the rim, and you can slide the tire lever around the rim to release that edge of the tire from the rim. Repeat the process for the opposite side so that by the end you can fully separate the tire from the rim. Then, mount the new tire by reversing the removal process. Now, lay the new tire on the rim and then use the tire levers to maneuver one edge of the tire at a time back onto the rim. Finally, use a compressor to quickly pump the tire up; creating a "rimlock" and the bead of the tire will lock to the rim at the same time. If you follow the steps in this video, you can easily change a dirt bike tire.

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