How To: Change Drive Axle Boots on a Porsche 944

Change Drive Axle Boots on a Porsche 944

This is a video tutorial how to change the drive axle boots at a Porsche 944. The boots are different for the different versions, i.e., the Turbo and S2 version have stronger drive axles, but the work is the same for all models. 


  • The video has a German soundtrack but English subtitles have been added. Below you will find a detailed list describing all necessary steps.

Both axles can be disassembled without uninstalling other parts. Some written manuals state that for the late models with an aluminium trailing arm it is neccessary to deinstall the wheel shaft. The video proves the contrary.  

The only special tool needed is a long 8 mm XZN nut.

Step 1 Clean holes.

Clean the holes of the XZN bolts. This ensures a good grip for the key. 

Step 2 Loosen bolts.

Loosen the bolts on the inner and outer side of the axle. For a good access to the bolts, it might be a good idea to turn the wheel by 60° or 120° in order to have the bolts in a better position.

Step 3 Remove axle.

Take the bolts off. By drawing the axles in direction of the wheel you may press it off the gear box. Now draw it out of the wheel shaft.

Step 4 Clamp axles.

Clamp the axles in a vice. 

Step 5 Remove clamps.

If there are clamps on the boots' inner side, remove them.

Step 6 Dislodge collar.

Use a hammer and punch and work around the collar to dislodge the collar from the joint.

Step 7 Remove circlip.

Use circlip pliers to expand the circlip and a small screwdriver to lift it out of the groove.

Step 8 Push the joint off.

With a piece of wood and a hammer you give a push on the joint and take it off.

Step 9 Wash joints.

If the boot has been damaged, wash the joint in heating oil.

Step 10 Add new clamp and boot.

 Put the clamp and the new boot on the axle.

Step 11 Put grease.

 Fill the joint and the boot half and half with grease (80-100g).

Step 12 Install joint.

 Put the joint on the axle and hammer it in until the groove for the clirclip is free.

Step 13 Add circlip.

 Install a new circlip. Take care that it is well seated in the groove.

Step 14 Press collar.

 Press the collar with pliers on the joint housing.

Step 15 Fix clamp.

 Fix the clamp by special clamp pliers.

Step 16 Repeat for other joint.

 Repeat the steps 5 - 15 for the other joint

Step 17 Install axle.

 Insert the axle on the wheel side first and then on the gear box side.

Step 18 Fasten bolts.

 Fasten the bolts with 42 Nm.

And finally, enjoy your Porsche!

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