How To: Change a flat tire on a moter scooter

Change a flat tire on a moter scooter

In order to change a flat tire on a motor scooter, you will need the following: the wrench that came with your scooter, a tire tube, a socket wrench, an allen wrench, a standard wrench, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

Remove the bolts with both wrenches. Use one on one side and one on the other, while unscrewing it. When the bolts are loose enough to allow you to remove the tire from the axel, loosen the tensioners and remove them. Make sure that you pick up the spacers and set them aside, in order to use them later. Make a note of where the spacers came from. Remove the driving belt. This is a good opportunity for you to clean the parts of the scooter that you aren’t normally able to see.

Remove the Phillips head screws, in order to remove the cap. Use and allen wrench to remove the rest of the screws. Retain the washers. You will need them later. Take the sprocket and washer off. Remove the rim. Remove the tire tube. Replace it. Reassemble the scooter.

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