How To: Change your windshield wiper blades

Change your windshield wiper blades

New windshield wiper blades can be tough to install, but maintaining them is critical for safe driving in bad weather.
You Will Need
* New blades and attachments
* Your car's manual (optional)
* A small screwdriver (optional)

Step 1: Buy the right blades for your car
Buy the right blades at your local auto parts store, based on your car's make and model. The package should contain blades and attachment parts.

Step 2: Pull the wiper arm away from the windshield
Gently pull the wiper arm away from the windshield.

Step 3: Determine which attachment piece you should use
Look at your windshield wiper and note how it's attached. Determine which of the new blade attachment parts you should use.

Consult your car's manual for more information on the blade attachment.

Step 4: Remove the old windshield wiper blade
Remove the old windshield wiper blade from the blade arm. You may need to use a screwdriver to press in an attachment tab.

Step 5: Install the new attachment and blades
Install the correct attachment and blades. Carefully push the wiper arm back against the windshield.

Don't let the wiper arm snap back against the windshield. You might crack the glass.

Step 6: Test the new blades
Test the new blades by turning the wipers on and making sure that the attachments are secure. Tighten them if the blades slip out.

Fact: Mary Anderson patented a swinging arm with rubber blades for windshields in 1905. By 1913, windshield wipers were standard equipment.

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