How To: Check and replace the fuses on a car

Check and replace the fuses on a car

Kim, a staff mechanic of Driverside, demonstrates how to check the fuses in a car. In majority of the cars the main fuse box could be located on the left side of the kick panel situated near the driver seat. Inside the car, he opened a cover stating fuse box (near the driver seat), by turning a small lever, he dispatched the fuse cover with ease. A pilot map can be found behind the back of the cover panel. The Map elucidates all kinds of fuses distributed in the car and their amperages. Then he explains the frequent questions asked about power windows, radio, fan motor and all the electrical components of a car. The reply given to all the customers is to inspect fuses first. The instructions given by Kim in order to rectify the problem is to find the fuse box and locate the fuse of the respective component using the fuse map and eject the required fuse, check if it is broken (damaged). To check if the fuse is blown or not, you need to observe the removed fuse carefully and see if the wire inside the fuse is dislocated. If it's dismantled then it denotes that it is broken. It is crucial to replace the damaged fuse with the exact amperage of the former fuse. He specified, never to insert a fuse with high amperage as more current could pass into the system and cause a hazard. So, always use the exact amp fuse as stated in the fuse map.

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