How To: Check and set your tire pressure

Check and set your tire pressure

This how-to video is about how to check and set the tire pressure in the car. The first and foremost thing we need to consider while setting the right pressure in the car tire is looking for the proper inflation pressure for both front and rear tires. We can find the manufacturers specification for tire inflation near the driver side door, where the tire pressure for both the front and rear tires will be mentioned, take a correct look at the tire pressures. In this video the tire pressure required is 35 psi pressure for both the tires. Then we need to remove the tire valve cap from the tire and we can check the pressure using digital tire pressure gauge by placing the gauge on the tire roots, just hold the digital tire pressure gauge and remove it to find the actual tire pressure which will be digitally indicated on the gauge, if the tire pressure is more than the prescribed limit then we can use the pointed side of the tire valve cap to release the extra pressure from the tire by placing it on the tire valve and pressing the tire valve cap. Then again we need to check whether the correct pressure has been set using the digital tire pressure gauge, and after setting the right pressure we need to put the tire valve cap on the tire. This how to video is very informative about how to check and set the right pressure in the car's tire.

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