How To: Cut a rotor

Cut a rotor

Before cutting the rotors select a centering cone that fits about halfway through the center hole of hub-less rotor or bearing spacer to center the rotor to the spindle. After select two identical clamps that fit the rotor without interfering with the machined surfaces of the rotor. Slide one clamp onto lathe shaft, open end out Slide spring, followed by centering cone. Slide on the rotor and outer clamp followed by the bushing, spacer, and nut. Tighten nut and Install damping strap. Adjust the assembly inward toward the lathe body until the cutting blade tips are at the rotor inside machine surface. Adjust the cutting head so the rotor fits about center between cutting tips. Move the cutting tips until they meet the rotor and reverse out about one turn. Adjust the assembly outward away from the lathe body until it clears the outer rotor edge and tighten the nut. Switch on the motor and move the assembly inwards so that the cutting tip are in on machine surface of the rotor about an inch from the outer edge. Adjust one cutting tip slowly until it comes in contact with rotor and reverse out about one turn. Turn the machine off. Move the assembly in towards the lathe body adjusting the cutting head until the tips seem to be aligned with the rear of the machines surfaces then, Adjust the cutting tips until they contact the rotor. Set the scales to zero and adjust the tips until the scale is at 0.004 inch. Engage the fast speed on the lathe. When the cutting tips clear the rotor, disengage the drive and move the cutting tips back to the starting point. To adjust the cutting tips to 0.002 inches deeper and engage a slow cut. When the tips clear the rotor disengage the drive. If you follow the steps in this video you may cut the rotor by your own.

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