How To: Fix the blend door actuator motor on a '99 Mercury Grand Marquis

Fix the blend door actuator motor on a '99 Mercury Grand Marquis

If the air conditioning on your car doesn't work and the condenser does work, you may have a broken blend actuator door motor. It's hard to get to, but there's a way to do it without removing the dash board, and this video will show you how to do it.

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have a 2002 mercury grand marquis lse v-8 my problem is I can get hot and cold air to all units or places with auto temp control except the 4 vent locations on my dash,floor ok,defroster ok and comb floor/defroster ok to,now what???

Sounds pretty good. I've been searching for an answer that won't cost $600 (or more). I am a little slow mechanically so I need to watch this a few more times! 2 questions if I may:

This "clearing the codes" thing.... I don't think there are any codes. Is this always nessesary?

Also, is there a super dooper shortcut where I can cut a hole in the right spot and move the door myself and screw the motor? I have an '03 Grand Marquis LX btw


7/6/15,I had the same problem today with my '98 Grand Marquis - only gets very hot air, no A/C, but it worked fine yesterday. While searching the web for suggestions, I found a possible solution that I could try at no cost. On another site, one person commented that he had the same problem with his Mercury. The next day, he replaced the battery and immediately the Blend Door Actuator started working again. He said it has happened twice since and he just disconnects the negative battery terminal for a minute. This sounded too simple to work, but the price was right. I just did it and it worked. Before spending $600 - $900 at the shop, try this first.

7/27/15. I am in shock. I've been dealing with this issue for 2 years. Thanks Bill for the information. I disconnected the negative lead to the battery for 5 minutes. I reconnected and started the car. During this time I was hearing 5 clicks from where the blend door actuator is located. After the clicking stopped, I tried the controls and it all worked great. It's like an early Christmas present. If you're having this problem, try it. you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. good luck.

Can this same method be done on a 2009 Grand Marquis as well!

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