How To: Fix the driver side window in a Dodge Dakota truck

Fix the driver side window in a Dodge Dakota truck

This automotive repair tutorial shows you how to fix a broken power window on a 1998 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 when it won't go up or down. Even if you don't know exactly what is causing your power window not to work, this video will show you how to diagnose and fix the problem in your Dodge Dakota 4x4 truck.

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Dude, I cant believe it. My son just bought a '97 Dakota. His passenger window was off of the track. He was told by 2 different "experts" that he had to cut the metal out of the door to get to the window or get a new door. I knew enough to know they were either ignorant or on crack, so I went searching and found your video. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Consider your other videos added to my favorites. Now if anyone knows how to get him to stop smoking kush in his crew cab, please let me know. All the best-5150female Santa Clarita-So.Cal

well you have my undivided attention. Bring forth the 411.

can you tell me how I can fix a window bushing on my 97 dodge dokota

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