How To: Fix error code P0500 on a Nissan Quest

Fix error code P0500 on a Nissan Quest

If the speedometer on your car isn't working and the check engine light is on, get your scanner out and look for code P0500. If you get that code, watch this video to learn a quick easy fix for the problem.

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I just got a 2005 Nissan Quest, a friend got a gizmo that gives you the vans error codes we got 1908, 6205, 1661, 5032, 6300. We are no mechanics and I want to know what each code means, I call the local Nissan and I was told that they will tell me but that they have to run a diagnostics test and its cost is $750 plus taxes, if I want to fix the minivan there they could give me an estimate!!! what do I do? $750+ its too much, my friend only paid $200+ for the gizmo but we dont know what the codes mean....

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