How To: Fix the wiring harness on a Ninja 250R motorcycle

Fix the wiring harness on a Ninja 250R motorcycle

The video describes the procedure of fixing the wiring harness on a Ninja 250R motorcycle. The person who owns the bike presents this video. He says that he got his bike back after getting the wire harness newly fitted. His signal blinker lights were not working. The next morning he wanted to make sure that it was fine. He plugged the wire and tried to switch it on, but it did not work. He also found that the horn was also not working. It was actually not working for a long time now. Then, he called up Wes, the guy who got him the parts. He reminded him about the hard fall he took on the left when he got the bike. He told him to check, if the wiring harness is cut. He goes to the bike and finds that the wiring harness on the left just below the gas tank is cut and exposed. He says that he has to remove the gas tank, fix the harness and check if it works fine. If not, Wes has to replace the whole harness for which he may take up to 8 hours or more. He then gets to work and moves the gas tank to the side and then unplugs the cable from the front light switch assembly in the front. He then removes the black tape covering the wires using a razor. Next, he peels the outer plastic section of the wire to expose the copper wiring. There are three wires to be fixed now. He uses the crimps to connect all the three cut wires and is now ready to check if the blinkers and the horn are working. He is overjoyed to find that the bike's horn and all the four blinker lights are working. He says he is a lucky guy and has saved up to 8 hours of work. He covers the wires with black insulation tape and plugs it to the main cable with the light switch assembly. He says that he is going to celebrate this with ice-cream.

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