How To: Get a Dent Out of a Car Using Just a Plunger

Get a Dent Out of a Car Using Just a Plunger

Paying for someone to get a small dent out of your car can be expensive, especially when you realize that you can just do it yourself. If you've got a bathroom—and you probably do—then it's a surefire bet that you've also got a plunger.

Still on board? Well, you can use that plunger to get out small and medium-sized dents from your car! Obviously this method won't work for sharp or extremely large dents, but for all of your shallow, smaller dents, it's worth pulling out the ol' plunger and giving it a try.

All you have to do is put some water on a cup plunger (which is for sinks... this won't work with a flange variation for toilets) and on the dent itself and then start going to town it, just like you would a drain.

In the video above and screenshots below, you can see what the dent looked like before the plunger was used (left) and after (right). A few smaller dents persisted, but overall, it looks much better than before.

If the plunger is unable to get suction, it's either because you're using the wrong kind of plunger, you're not using enough water, or the dent is too large to get out with this method.

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