How To: Identify a Jeep rear axle in order to replace it

Identify a Jeep rear axle in order to replace it

RichPin shows how to identify a rear axle on a Jeep Grand Cherokee to determine the correct replacement part. The first thing to do is to identify the axle by cleaning the fill plug on the back cover. Look at the inscription of the plug to find out the style of the rear end. In this example, Rich has a "Dana" style rear end. To determine if it is a 35 or 44 Dana, look at the web area to the right of the plug to locate the number. The two steps outlined in this video allow you to identify the rear end of your jeep, should you ever need to replace it.

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wtf why cant the stinking manual say all that ? you said it so plainly it freaking stinks saved me a lot of time wasted on ring to find out if it's a 34 or 44?

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