How To: Inspect a motorcycle for damage after an accident

Inspect a motorcycle for damage after an accident

This video teaches viewers on how to inspect a motorcycle for damage after an accident as well as documenting it. The most important thing you need to do after an accident is to document all parts of the damage by taking photos of the damaged parts. Start by verifying the VIN number or Vehicle Identification Number and take a picture of it, take a photo of it. After that, get a photograph of the mileage on the dash area of the motorcycle. If there is other important information that needs to be documented, take a photo of it too. Take a photo of all the sides of the motorcycle next, the front, back and the two sides of the vehicle. Lastly, take a photo of the plate number. We need to take a document of the damaged parts next. Ask how the accident happened to know the area of impact of the vehicle and the parts which are most likely damaged. If possible look at the parts closely to see the numbers of the actual parts. Take a photo of those parts to document it. Also, document the accessories that were used in the accident such as the helmet, seat, etc. It is good to know if there are other accessories or additional upgrades which will increase the value of the vehicle. This is important in computing the total loss. Also, ask the owner if the receipt of the add-ons and upgrades of the motorcycle is still available to support the documentation or computing the total losses.

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