How To: Install an exhaust on a Ford F150

Install an exhaust on a Ford F150

In this Autos, Motorcycles & Planes video tutorial you will learn how to install a Borla exhaust on a Ford F150. For this you will need a 15mm and a 10mm wrench, a 15mm deep socket, a 10mm standard socket, a ratchet, safety goggles and work gloves. First remove the spare tire and the heat shield. Using the 15mm wrench loosen the nut on the clamp on the muffler. Unbolt the hangers from the vehicle and remove the kit by turning it counterclockwise. Next put the new exhaust in place, take the short pipe and slip it in to the hanger, attach one of the clamps to the end of the muffler and place it in line with the short pipe, but don't tighten the clamp now. Now insert the accelerator pipes in to the other end of the muffler. Once all 3 pieces are in place, tighten the clamps to 35lbs torque. You can watch the video for further tips.

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