How To: Install a headlight upgrade on a Ford Mustang GT

Install a headlight upgrade on a Ford Mustang GT

In this tutorial, we learn how to install a headlight upgrade on a Ford Mustang GT. To start, remove the radiator cover and the clips around it. Now, take a 10 mm socket and remove the bolt next to the headlight. Now, turn your wheel to remove the screws around the headlight. Next, there will be 2 (10mm) bolts you will have to remove, as well as a fender lining. Disconnect your marker lights by pressing on the tabs on both sides of the car. Lay out a blanket to lay your bumper on. Now, remove the bolts around your headlight and finally remove the headlight itself. Once it's out, disconnect the bulb and replace it with your new headlight. Now, do this on both sides and replace all the parts on your car just how you took them off. Remember to connect all parts and you will be finished installing new headlights.

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