How to Lubricate the caliper pins or replace the brake pads on a Ford F-250 truck

Full-size pickups are more difficult than cars when or smaller trucks when it comes to repairs. Even something as simple as replacing the brake pads can become daunting. But if you're changing the brake pads on your Ford F-250 truck, this video will give you some much needed help.

This how-to will show you the full process, starting with the tire already off, on replacing your F250 super-duty brake pads. If they are still good, it will also show you how to lubricate the caliper slider pins, which could be the root of your problem.

You'll need a four-way lug wrench (tire iron), a clamp, some brake lubricant, flathead screwdriver, 17mm wrench, and a 13/16-inch wrench.

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