How To: Put a spare tire on your car

Put a spare tire on your car

In this video it is demonstrated how to put a spare tire in your car if any of your tire is flat. First of all you should turn your car off and take out your auto manual to find out the location of spare tire and tool kit. Once you know that, take out the spare tire and the tools (mainly jack and spanner). With the help of the spanner loosen the screws in the tire. Then, with the help of a jack , raise your car a bit above the ground. Then take off the loosened screws from the tire and remove the tire cover. Then take off the tire from the car. Now take your spare tire and place it in the position in the car. You should always remember that the side of the tire where you can see the valve, should be facing outwards. Then put the screws back again with the help of the spanner and finally lower your car with the help of your jack. Then put the tools and the tire back in the position in the car. Next you must go to a tire shop to have your tire repaired. According to the person in the tire shop, the tire must be changed after about 45000km of driving.

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