How To: Rebuild your car engine

Rebuild your car engine

If there's one thing in life you should know, it's how to take care of your car. Getting around town is one of this hardest things to do unless you have a car. Automobiles transport us to work, to school, to shopping centers and they even take us to our impossible in-laws, but they can't and they won't if they aren't maintained properly. So, if you think you need a little help to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape, who better to teach than the team at NASCAR? These NASCAR racing experts will help you get the best performance out of your vehicle, whether it be car, truck, SUV, streetcar or dragster.

Ray Dunlap with NASCAR helps you get the most out of your car. This "car care" video tutorial will show you how to rebuild your car engine. These tips will help you rebuild your engine with simple ideas, like knowing what the parts are and having plenty of plastic bags and a labeling system when tearing apart the engine.

Rebuild your car engine

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