How To: Remove the alternator from a Saturn S-Series car

Remove the alternator from a Saturn S-Series car

One day, your car may break down and you won't be able to afford to hire a mechanic, so what do you do... you look on the web for some how-to vehicle repair videos and become your own car mechanic, that's what. You don't need any advanced training to perform repairs and simple maintenance on your automobile, but you may need a few tools. Invest in the basic tools and you'll be prepared for just about any car malfunction you can think of. These tutorials will help get you on your way, as long as your willing.

This video will show you how to remove the alternator from a Saturn S-Series car. In order to remove the alternator, you'll want to come in through the wheel well. Take the tire and splash panels off, then remove the serpentine belt from the alternator. Then remove the negative cable from the battery terminal so you can remove the electrical connector from the Saturn's alternator. Want to know more about removing the alternator from a Saturn S-Series, keep watching.

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what happens if your alternator gets stuck and does not come out after taking it out what should i do then. i'm in training too be a mechanic and this is the first time that i'm having a hard time.

In video, where do you get the room to access the back of the alternator with 2 hands????? I been on the back, just replaced the fuseable Link about 3 weeks ago. Damn sure no room for 2 hands!!!!

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