How To: Remove and replace a front wheel bearing on a 1991 Ford Explorer

Remove and replace a front wheel bearing on a 1991 Ford Explorer

A wheel bearing doesn't have to be a costly fix for the mechanic. It could be a relatively cheap repair job for all you do-it-yourselfer types. There are different types of wheel bearings, but the type explained in this video, on a 1991 Ford Explorer, is a self-contained all-in-one assembly. If you have a '91 Ford Explorer, or a different vehicle with this kind of wheel bearing, then you're in luck… watch and learn.

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Very helpful and informative. Was told that all I needed was the tow brought in on the drivers side front, took it to a place that would do that and they said that I need a front bearing pack x2 and possible bearings x4 then they could do the alignment! I was warned about these people but thought that I could trust them since they are supposed to be a professional business, but I will get a quote from Les Schwab like my person told me I should. What do you think?

This is not replacing a wheel bearing on a 91 Ford Explorer. The Explorer he is working on is a 3 or 4 generation explorer 2002-2010 NOT a 91 which is first generation. BEWARE!!!!!

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