How To: Remove a Car Dent with a Lighter

Remove a Car Dent with a Lighter

This instructional video shows how to remove a dent from your car using only a cigarette lighter and some aluminum foil. This quick fix can save a lot of money on expensive auto repairs. Watch this video how-to video and learn how to fix a dinged car with a lighter.

How to remove a car dent with a lighter (VIDEO)

How to remove a car dent with a lighter (VIDEO) Click through to watch this video on

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great...but what's liquid air?where can I get them?

You can buy it at Wal-Mart or something like that.

i believe you could do the same with a can of compressed air turned upside down

liquid air is compressed air. you get it in the computer section, walmart has it. you use it normally to get rid of the dust in your keyboards and stuff. just hold it upside down

nice, going to try it

very useful

fake. holding a lighter there for 30 seconds wouldn't do anything.

cool does it work on both fiberglass & steal???

has anyone actually tried it yet to say if it works or not

its fake i tried it like 3 times dont waste your time on this.


Most dents it won't work on some it will

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