How To: Remove car scratches with super glue

Remove car scratches with super glue

An easy video tutorial on removing scratches on your car. The materials needed are: fresh hidden paint, best to get it under the spare tire, #220 sandpaper, super glue, green wax, aluminum foil, and a hair blower. This will be of great use when those big SUV's scratch your little car. Watch this instructional video and learn how to easily fix small scratches on your car.

Remove car scratches with super glue

Remove car scratches with super glue Click through to watch this video on

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Easy?to understand and execute

I need to try this... Lots of little scratches have shown up on my poor little car since moving to Venice!

Total fake... take the stupid video off the internet! Surely people don't believe this garbage?!?!?

Let's not forget that if you apply superglue (crazy glue) to any plastics, it's likely to melt the plastic and totally F^$k up your car. This video is so fake it's silly.

ill super glue his face to his right ball sac.. theres ur green wax u dumbshyt.

superglue's counter agent is a Debonding solvent like Nitromethane.
10 mins doesnt make sense at all to remove scratches. let alone 10 seconds that stuff dries instantly.. whats with the trickery?

Wots super glue!

Very Fake!! Do not try this at home

This guy is full of #$%@!!!

the whole thing looks like to much nonsense and fu*-in about to be real?(whats the point in even why go postin pointless #$%@ like this dude)?ya either just plain weird, or u have got way too much time on ya hands?'or both???'nah' definetly both!'why not do somethin sensible n just "LOG OFF":)

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