How To: Remove dents from your car with dry ice

Remove dents from your car with dry ice

Save yourself a trip to the body shop to have small dents removed from your car. Watch this instructional video and learn how you can remove dents and dings from your exterior with dry ice - and without damaging your paint. Hide those dings before anyone notices. Follow along with the steps in this how-to video, and put that money you save toward some gas.

Remove dents from your car with dry ice

Remove dents from your car with dry ice Click through to watch this video on

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seems like it saves a lot of money, and that must be good!

Dear Viewers, This video is very good because it is simple, easy, inexpensive, saves money, is very informative and was well-researched. The only things I can point out about this video that are wrong is that in a video such as this one try not to speak in the second person and the music did not match what was going on. It made it sound like something bad was happening even though this was the opposite.
Alex1inferno- The Critic

Thought thst was how it was to the store I go. Damn hail.

Tried this today on 2 small dents on car door, outside temp was cold so tried warming the metal up with a hairdryer first. The dry ice made little difference to dents though and I was at this for a good hour and half.

When I first watched the video I thought the dents where gone after they applied the dry ice. After I just spent 3 hours on my car for 6 dents that where not as bad as there smallest dent and none of them came all the way out ouside temp was 98 degrees So I rewatched the video and none of the dents in the video come all the way out either, thats why the video is so short and fast they dont want you to get a good look at there work. So I call BULL$$T on the dry ice dent removal.

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