How To: Remove the front bumper on a Chrysler 300C

Remove the front bumper on a Chrysler 300C

There may come a time when you need to fix your car and you may not have the money needed to do all the maintenance. So the next best choice? Do it yourself of course! In this three part video tutorial you'll find out what it takes to remove the front bumper and grill to a Chrysler 300C.

This is a step by step video on how to remove the front bumper and grille of your chrysler 300. This applies to all models (base, touring, C, and SRT8). I also show you how to remove the air intake silencer and change your intake to a AFE stage 2 intake. I made some minor errors here and there as far as wording and different things. I recommend reading this as well: and reading this for the intake: . The whole process is extremely easy and can be down with a 20 dollar walmart tool kit and some free time.

NOTE: in the video I mention a bolt on the side of the bumper by the wheel well, the bolt that points down needs to be removed to remove the bumper but the bolt that points towards the wheel should be left on. It holds a little box for the fog lights and it is much easier to remove with the bumper off. Also, in the step by step I provided above, it said to remove the grille in one of the first steps. If you are just looking to change you grille and not your bumper then you can follow the directions provided in the link to remove the grille. If you are planning on changing the bumper as well, the grille is MUCH easier to get off when the bumper is off the car. The bumper is only held on by 4 fasteners at the top of the bumper, 3 plastic rivets on each wheel well, one bolt by each wheel well, and about 10 screws on the bottom of the bumper.

If you have any questions, post them as a comment and I'll do the best to reply. I suggest joining both and and you will have access to a whole lot of kn

(1) Part 1 of 3 - How to Remove the front bumper on a Chrysler 300C, (2) Part 2 of 3 - How to Remove the front bumper on a Chrysler 300C, (3) Part 3 of 3 - How to Remove the front bumper on a Chrysler 300C

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