How To: Repair a dent in a car with a stud nail gun

Repair a dent in a car with a stud nail gun

In order to repair a dent in a car with a stud nail gun, you will need the following: a stud nail gun, pliers, a grinder, protective gear, and a body hammer.

First, you need to remove the paint. Use 100-grit with your grinder to remove the paint. Do not remove any metal. Grind 4" around the point of damage. Use the stud nail gun to place a stud nail gun. Hold it in place for 3 seconds, in order to allow it to meld. The nail will allow you to pull the dent out. Clip away the nail, with pliers. Then, grind the nail down with your grinder. When the nail is smooth, you are ready to move on to the body filler step. Cross grind the area and move on to the final steps.

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Wat about if the nail do not stick or meld to the metal

Wat about if the nail doesn't meld to the metal

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