How To: Repair or replace a power window motor for a Chevy Venture or Pontiac Montana

Repair or replace a power window motor for a Chevy Venture or Pontiac Montana

This video focuses specifically on the Chevy Venture or Pontiac Montana models of vans. If your power window motor is going out, or isn't working anymore, this video shows you how to fix it (if possible) or replace it (if it isn't).

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How do you distinguish between a bad power window regulator and a bad power window motor?

my 2004 venture had no tabs holing in the window motor and keeps coming out , motor is fine any cheap way to keep it in? thanks try screws but they hit the bars that make the window come up no help.

Hey i had the same problem with my 2000 venture. ok so what i did , I also had to use screws and noticed that hey it wasn't working. What I did is the top screw only went in about 1/2 way the screw on the bottom right had to go in all the way and the screw on the left went in about 3/4. boy it was a B. but this does work. I keep using the power switch to see when it worked and when it didn't and then proceeded till the motor was set firmly , no wiggle, but worked. Hope this helps you. I am a widow woman, and this has taken me 2 months to figure out.

Also I wanted to add, My window was in the up position to start with. I was really worried about if I had to take that spring off for this to work. was there somekind of reset mechinizim since i was having the problem with the motor not working cause i had to use screws, and would i have to do that to make this new motor work. It was not necessary. Thank God Truley. Cause as i've said I am an elderly widow woman trying to make it on Social Security, so can't afford a mechanic. I would never have been able to get that off, and if I did by some miricle get it off, I would never have been able to get it back on.

also not necesary to take it off the track, if it is in the up possition and no problem with it being on the track. I couldn't even find the track with the window in the up possition, until after i got the motor working and put the window down , then I could see it . LOL. Old ladies trying to fix cars is just wrong. LOL. But hey I've succeeded with Gods help. I know I would never have figured this out on my own.

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