How To: Repair a spark plug thread in a Ford F150

Repair a spark plug thread in a Ford F150

The video begins with a guy saying that his Ford F-150 is making a weird sound. He turns the truck on and lets us hear the sound. The truck is then taken into a workshop and we find out that the engine has blown the spark plug.

He says to get a cylinder head repair kit and some red thread locker. After you have the items you need, start the project off by blowing some compressed air into the spark plug hole. Remove the negative cord off the battery block. Then put the adapter into the hole, but before you tighten it down make sure you put some red thread lock on the threads of the adapter. The spark plug in the kit goes on top of the adapter insert. Use the right size socket to tighten up the replacement you just added. The final replacement is the spark plug wire on the ignition coil, which comes in the kit. Once the wire has been replaced, put everything back together. Turn the truck on and see how it runs.

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