How To: Repair a stripped-out aluminum oil pan on your vehicle

Repair a stripped-out aluminum oil pan on your vehicle

It happens more times than it should— negligent oil changes. This happens most often with aluminum oil pans on cars and trucks, because aluminum is fragile and should be treated with care and a gentle hand, not a torque power wrench. Using an air-impact gun will only cause damage when installing the bolts, causing the oil to leak from the pan.

Plus, no good can come from those drain bolt repair kits, so if you're looking for the proper fix for a stripped out aluminum oil pan, you'd better follow these directions on your vehicle. Hopefully it saves you headaches in the future, as well as a bunch of money!

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worked good for our 2005 ford escape we thought we would have to buy a new oil pan and figured what could it hurt to try it and it works :) thanks for posting the video

Will this work if the oil pan has been rethreaded to fit a larger drain plug? Coming to the point now where the larger one is stripped and I am unable to get oil changes

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