How To: Replace a CV Joint

Replace a CV Joint

If you've never replaces a CV joint in a front wheel drive vehicle, it may seem like an intimidating task. But it can actually be easy if you have a good place to perform the work and have all the tools necessary to complete the task. And some good instructions, of course. Watch below for all the tools you'll need to properly change CV joints on a car, then hit up the link below to see the rest of the videos in this free series.

For the rest of the videos in this series, head to eHow using the link below.

How to Replace a CV Joint: Video Series | eHow

How to Replace a CV Joint: Video Series | eHow Replacing the CV joint in a front wheel drive car can be a difficult job, but with expert instructions it can be easy. Learn how to replace a CV joint in this free auto repair video series.

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Good video. Clear instructions, would of been better if it was one continuous video though, instead of being broken into 16 clips.

great guide for a beginner easy to follow step by step clips did mine tonight thanks saved me heaps of money.

This video was the #$%@!! Saved me a lot of money...Thanks....BEAR...

You need a national tv spot. Your videos gave me the nudge I needed to diys. Hats off to you and your film crew.

I am a women and taking a at your clips made it easy for me to repair my van thanks you should be on t.v.

what you do if it want pull away from the tran

what you do if the joint want come out from the tran

Great video with very clear instructions. I like the detail that was in this video in regards to correct terminology and explanations. I hope to find more videos like this

You are a life and money saver!! Very well done, clear instructions, the camera is in all the perfect angles with clear lines of sight. Keep up the good work man, I appreciate your work very much, Thank you!

i think these videos suck, when you go to the next video, the link takes you to and doesn't even show you the next video

I've just fixed it, and added a link to the rest of the videos. These used to be ExpertVillage videos, and some URLs got messed up during their transition to eHow's site. Thanks for catching this one. :)

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