How To: Replace a front wheel bearing on a Chevrolet Impala

Replace a front wheel bearing on a Chevrolet Impala

One day, your car may break down and you won't be able to afford to hire a mechanic, so what do you do... you look on the web for some how-to vehicle repair videos and become your own car mechanic, that's what. You don't need any advanced training to perform repairs and simple maintenance on your automobile, but you may need a few tools. Invest in the basic tools and you'll be prepared for just about any car malfunction you can think of. These tutorials will help get you on your way, as long as your willing.

This two-part video will show you how to replace a front wheel bearing on a Chevrolet Impala. First, loosen the axle nut. Then take the tire off. Raise the car up and remove the caliper and mounting bracket. If you have a Chevy Impala or a Grand Prix, this is the ultimate front wheel bearing removal guide for you.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Replace a front wheel bearing on a Chevrolet Impala, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Replace a front wheel bearing on a Chevrolet Impala

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and you can purchase new wheel bearings and hub assemblies at

that's MIBearings LLC, sorry


Great video! Great instructor & instructions.

Video is awesome, he forgot one thing. He bolted the axle nut with the impact on part 2, it needs to be torqued at 118ft/lbs.

I am having a friend do this work for me, i was wondering what my shopping list needed to be. I found the bearing that i need and i just want to make sure that i have EVERYTHING that he might need because we would have to drive 10 miles to town to get someone that i forgot.. if someone has a shopping list that would be super helpful. Thanks.

I found this to be very accurate and informational I appreicate that you are able to take the time to record, publish and/or post these how to videos. By watching these videos it lets me prepare for all I will need( tools, sizes,nd problemsthat may or may not accure to accomplish the mechanical task at hand,

Once again Thanks for all your help

Great video! Great instructor & instructions.

How to remove axle nut will not budge

What happened to the second part of the video?

Hello I just changed my wheel bearing on my 2010 Chevy impala and the breaks. After driving it for a few days my stabiltrack service light came on and every time I make a right turn the breaks are kicked in and it stops the car . I left it parked for a few days to get a code reader and now the stabiltrack light is off and it's been cleared. Any one know what this could be? Thank you

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