How To: Replace an oil pressure sending unit to fix a low engine oil pressure gauge

Replace an oil pressure sending unit to fix a low engine oil pressure gauge

Your "check gauges" light comes on inside your vehicle, which prompts you to notice your oil pressure gauge, which is reading pretty low. What do you do to resolve this car problem? In this video, Scotty Kilmer shows you what you can do to shut that low engine oil light off for good!

First, check your oil levels, and if it's full, it's probably has nothing to do with that. So, your oil pressure sending unit might be bad. It controls the oil light and gauge. See how to find this unit, and the steps to replace it. Works on most car and trucks.

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Scotty, i have a 1994 chevy camaro 3.4 when i first start the car the oil gauge reads high, but after it warms up at idle the gauge needle drops well below the center line. but i get no engine rattle and the engine still runs good, when i excellerate the needle goes back up.

Camaro 3.4 run about 60 LBS on Start and drop to about 20 LBS when warmed up. This is normal.

I have a oil sincing unit going out on a 1992 dodge Dakota

I have a 2007 gmc sierra classic 4.8 L v8 and the oil pressure gauge has maxed out at 80psi. what would cause this because normally my oil pressure us around 35-45 psi

im not a certified mechanic but I am a Chevy guy and work on cars for a living but my thought r you are either way past due a oil change or running way to Low weight oil should be running like 10-30/10-40 the biggest oil problem I've seen on 4.8and 5.3 is low pressure caused by a defect in o ring on oil pick up tube ...just a thought or two...

I have a 2008 kia sedona with a check engine light and oil light on. Last time this happened my son cleaned out gunk from the sensor. And it ran for a yr. Now its doing it again i bought the part to replace this time. But is it ok to drive with a bad sensor? Cause it sounds fine,oil levels are good and no other trouble but the lights on. Im getti g it changed this weekend ,but i need to drive it about 50 miles for 3 days til then. Is it gonna harm anything?

So I was supposed to change my crankshaft input sensor and I thought I found it so I was disconnecting it and when I did it broke and found out it was the wrong sensor and it was my oil pressure sensor and I can't get it off its on a 97 dodge dakota 2.5l 4 cylinder 5 speed it's on passenger side in between distributor and alternated anyone ever took one off ?

I meant to say oil pressure sending unit and alternator

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