How To: Replace an outer tie rod on a Cadillac DeVille

Replace an outer tie rod on a Cadillac DeVille

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to replace the outer tie rod of a 200 Cadillac De Ville. Begin by unscrewing the 5 bolts on the wheel and remove it. Users are able to shake the out tie rod with the wheel on it, and feel the looseness. Now break lose the jam nut at the back of the tie rod with a wrench to be able to disconnect the supporting nut. Then hit the steering knuckle with a hammer to loosen the tie rod. Now rotate the outer tie rod off of the inner tie rod and place on the new outer tie rod. Finish by putting all back together. This video will benefit those viewers who have a vehicle, and would like to learn how to save money by learning how to replace their own outer tie rod.

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Hey i was wondering are there any tricks to getting a tie rod bolt out thats stuck. i have tried hitting it with a hammer but it wont budge

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