How To: Replace rear brake pads on a Ford Explorer

Replace rear brake pads on a Ford Explorer

When replacing your brake pads on your Ford Explorer, you first need to jack up the vehicle and remove the tire. This will give you access to the brakes. Locate the caliper, remove the two bolts and slide the caliper off. Inside the calipers are the brake pads. Pry out the outside brake pad off first, then the inside pad. Then it's time to reverse the process!

You'll need a lug wrench, jack, jack stand, 10mm wrench, flat screwdriver, large C-clamp and your new brake pads. After change your brakes once in the Ford Explorer, you'll never forget how it's done. Save money on auto repairs and DIY!

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Excellent tutorial. One step that is almost always overlooked is opening the bleeder when compressing the caliper piston(s) to install the new inner pad. Most all contaminants and water remain in the bottom of the caliper bore and will be pushed backwards into the brake system if not done. Obviously, bleeding must be done after opening the bleeders but a brake flush is recommended every two years anyway.

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