How To: Seal a tire bead with starter fluid fire

Seal a tire bead with starter fluid fire

Sealing the bead on a tire with starting fluid so it can be inflated. This is a great Redneck trick to fixing old tires that are separated from their hubs. Spray the starter fluid into the space between the tire and the bead. Light with match or lighter. Have a fire extinguisher on hand in case something unintentionally ignites.

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never seen that done cool

That's the best trick I seen

Somebody please tell me now to view the videos

Hey, I have a question. What would cause a loud rattling sound in the back of a pick up truck. I think the rattle is somewhere between the cab and the bed of the truck under the vehicle?

that would be the old lady you ran over :D

Thanks for posting worked like a charm and saved me a trip to the shop+money. My wife said I was insane when I had her standing by with the fire ext.!!!

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