How To: Unlock Your Car Door with a Shoelace in 10 Seconds

Unlock Your Car Door with a Shoelace in 10 Seconds

Have you locked yourself out of your car? Well, as long as you have a shoelace, you may be able to get back in.

Pull your shoelace out of your shoe. In the middle of the lace, make a small noose knot that can get tighter as you pull on both ends. Hold your shoelace gently from both ends, and fit it over the closed door in the crack between the door and the car's frame. Pull the shoelace down and try to get the loop around the car's lock.

One the loop is around the lock, pull on both ends to tighten the noose. Once the loop is secure, pull the shoelace up from both ends. The lock will be pull the lock up, allowing you access to your car.

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Thx for this, I used it on my Citroen Saxo - took me a while to figure out the knot, but it definitely works.

Neat trick. It would definitely work if I still had my car.

it seems very funny and useful.

hahahah!!! incredible!...
Nice song of the Peppers!

hahahahaha ..... nice ..

Some "locks" don't stick up that far. You had something to grab on to with that rope. Try that on a 94 Ford Ranger.

only good for older model cars with lock switch handles like that.. but most are way lower and round and smooth just because of this and coat hanger does same thing.. and man doors are too tight to get the lace to go in.. have a deeper metal part and it wont go past seal around door.. and you do not want to SAW your weather stripping off your car.. this is only good if your tearing up a car that is not yours .. like a car thief would not care and not have keys and need to do it in ten seconds.. so this looks more like secret tools of car thieves how to video!

Need to unlock my 1993 Chevy s-10. Body type: PK. State: Tennessee.

this happen to us just glad you posted a video .. very much thankful.. helen and joey...

This saved the day....thank you so much, though it took me an hour to get it working

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