How To: Upgrade your truck's exhaust system

Upgrade your truck's exhaust system

Still got stock? Many factory installed exhaust systems not only sound anemic, they actually are because they scrub power. The designers who are given the task of producing these pipes are often handcuffed by several different requirements that add up to one big compromise. Exhaust engineers are required to build systems that are quiet and that meet certain types of emission standards, but not all of the design concerns are driven by government regulations. Some are based on a perception of what consumers want, which apparently is to listen for the subtle notes of the oboe coming from the sound-system speakers while knowing their gases are being thoroughly scoured by a catalytic converter. A full exhaust install starts with headers right at the engine block exhaust ports (usually replacing an exhaust manifold) and extending all the way back to the tailpipe. A cat-back system is less invasive. It begins just behind the catalytic converter and replaces everything from there back to the exhaust tips. This is the most common aftermarket vehicle modification. For step-by-step instructions on installing a new exhaust system on your truck, watch this DIY video tutorial.

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