News: Pull a van up a hill

Pull a van up a hill

Can you pull 33x your body weight?

Sam Noyoun can. Uphill no less.

But how?

A ha! Physics! Mechanical advantage says we can distribute the weight using pulleys and leverage our weight against that of the much heavier van. Our estimate says the VW bus weighs 5000 lbs, while Sam here weighs 150lbs (or about 33x's less).

You need a fulcrum - or in this case a tree. And a pulley - or a looped rope. The trick is in how you loop the rope over itself creating organic pulleys which cut the weight and create the mechanical advantage for Sam.

Pull a van uphill with only a rope

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wery NICE. Thanks, need this one one my boat.

One length of line, no less. That is just terrific.


hi reinon you look cool

what kind of a license plate is that. what state is it??

its a british plate, do you not know that there is countries in the world other than america?

lol, how do we know that there is no one in the car? van?
neat work,

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