How To: Seal a leaky RV roof with EternaBond tape

Seal a leaky RV roof with EternaBond tape

In this how-to video, you will learn how to seal a leaky RB roof with EternaBond tape. First, you must have EternaClean to remove any old dirt or grime around the roof. Spray it and remove with a piece of cloth. Cut the tape into the sizes you may require. Lay them out and prepare the surface using EternaPrime. Place the EternaBond tape where you want it, as it will not come off once placed. Rub bubbles or creases out. Wider tape may be considered for bigger jobs. By viewing this video, you will be able to properly seal any leaks on your RV roof quickly.

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Will this work on fiberglass roof. Or just rubber roofs.

Many RV owners don't give much consideration to roof care.Unless you make a point of climbing a ladder to inspect the roof of your motorhome or travel trailer at regular intervals, you're unlikely to be aware of developing problems until it's too late and a leaky roof leaves you with a pile of repair bills. Liquid Roof Repair is better solution for your budget.

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