How To: Make an external fuel tank and pump for starting dead cars

Make an external fuel tank and pump for starting dead cars

If your car cranks and won't start, you may need to put some fresh fuel in it. Rather than push the car inside, why not construct an external fuel tank and pump system for fixing the car in the field? This video will show you how to do it.

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Very clever. The vehicle's fuel pressure regulator will cause fuel to return to the tank until the pressure drops below the rated pressure. Then all the fuel will go to feed the engine, which should run fine even though the fuel pressure will be lower than specs.

Just curious because I am a safety first advocate, what makes you so sure that aluminum can has enough integrity to hold that much air pressure? I want to make one of these and just want to make sure I do ot overinflate and have it explode in my hand or into my head / eye, etc. Thanks. I have been thinking of this for a long while and sure appreciate your video. Thanks You, Steve

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