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Forum Thread: How Do I Remove the Bed of a 1987Chevy v10

My husband needs to replace the fuel pump in a 1987 V10. It has dual tanks. Not sure if this means it has dual pumps. I cannot find a helpful video anywhere. How do we remove the bed to replace the fuel pump? Its a 1987 V10 Chevy Silverado. We found this problem when we replaced the battery, it would turn over but not start unless we sprayed starter fluid on the carbuerator. Once he gave it gas, it would die. Help!

Forum Thread: Electrical Problem

I'm a military mechanic, so I have a good knowledge of basic mechanics. My son has a '98 Chevy Lumina that keeps blowing fuel pump fuses. I know there is a short in the system causing this to happen. It started a few days ago, he was making a left hand turn and it blew. We replaced the fuse, that one blew also after a turn into a parking lot. He replaced it again and it didn't blow for a day or two, now it's blowing every time when he tries to start. That being said, my question is this, on t...

Forum Thread: Hi! I Have a 90 Honda Civic Wagon Where the Second Spark Plug Boot Repeatedly Pops Up

Hi! I Have a 90 Honda Civic Wagon. The Second Spark Plug Boot Repeatedly Pops Up. The Spark Well Collects Some Oil and Water Which Causes Misfire (Even Has Just Run on 3 Cylinders). I Have Replaced Those O-Ring Seals Underneath the Rocker Assembly Several Times but the Problem Always Comes Back. How Does This Keep Happening? Its Got Great Compression and the Top of Engine Has Been Rebuilt. Also Have New Distributor Plugs,Wires/Cap. Where Does the Moisture Come from and Why Only in the Second ...

Forum Thread: Clear coat questions

Can any one set me straight oni am having a hard time understanding how I can mask off clear coat. I am not a painter but I know it can be pretty thick. Is soft edging a solution for clearing door jams and b pillars and stuff like that. Also can you do a sort of clear blend when I only want to paint half of a roof rail without having to go all the way down a quarter panel