How To: Fix a plugged up air conditioner drain hose on a Jeep Liberty

Fix a plugged up air conditioner drain hose on a Jeep Liberty

A common problem on Jeep Liberty SUVs involves the passenger side carpet getting wet because of the air conditioner drain hose being plugged, where the condensation water is supposed to drain from. The drain hose sticks out about an inch inside the engine compartment, and is relatively easy to access. All you need to do is use a wire, at least six inches, to probe into it and release and buildup. You can also blow air into the hose. Watch and learn this simple A/C repair trick.

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Similar procedures work on most any vehicle, just so you know.

Also the best way to dry the carpet whether its the A/C drain stopped up or a heater core leak is to use a wet/dry shop vac if you have one, or an old towel to get most of the liquid, then leave a short stack of old newspapers in the floor there (not the driver's side!) for a couple of days, and also to leave the windows cracked an inch or so with the vehicle parked in a sunny spot. which will often dry it out faster than leaving the windows all the way down because of the heat captured as it does in a greenhouse.

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