How To: Diagnose and fix a "no heat" problem on a Nissan Altima

Diagnose and fix a "no heat" problem on a Nissan Altima

In this automotive repair guide, we learn how to troubleshoot and repair a "no heat" problem on a Nissan Altima car. For all of the gritty details, including step-by-step instructions, and to get started resolving your own Altima's no-heat trouble, watch this video tutorial.

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where can I get the reservoir tank please???

Hi there hru? Iam having problem on my nissan qashqai heater no temperature just normal fan ranning any idea please ty.

So have Nissan Altima 03 just got water pump out on plus both thermostat in heat is fine when I'm driving but when stop at light it's starts to get cooler not freezing but not super hot please help this car driving me crazy

Yes my air and heat was working now its not blowing nothing out. Can someone tell me what this problem is I have a 2010 Nissan Altima.

Hey sorry to bug u but my brother has a 2012 and this just happened to his we have no idea whats wrong...any ideas??

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