How to Diagnose and fix seemingly unrelated electrical problems on a car

When it rains, it pours. If all sorts of electrical systems on your car have seemed to break at once with no relation to each other, they might actually be related. Watch this video to learn how multiple electrical problems in a car can often be traced to one source and fixed, saving time and money.


02 ford Expedition is repeatedly frying out the starter solenoid and altnator as soon as it's starts once upon starting it makes loud squuile I assume it's a heavy drain on the altnator will run like normal until battery is dead what is my possible issues?

02 ford Expedition with 5.4 repeatedly frying out the starter solenoid and my altnator upon starting there is a loud noise( squileing) which I believe is altnator overloaded lasts for about 15 seconds the sound stops and it runs fine until the battery dies and then back to square one replacement of starter solenoid and altnator?? Please help!!!

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