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How To: Fix Broken Plastic Tabs on Bumper

A common problem on bumper covers is that the tabs that attach the bumper to the car get broken. This is critical, as this is what secures and aligns the bumper cover. Many times, a broken tab is all that is wrong with the bumper cover. With the cost of these plastic parts $200 to $700, the replacement cost can break the bank.

How To: Keyless Entry Remote Not Working? Try This Quick Fix Before Buying a New One

Most cars made in the last ten or fifteen years can be unlocked with a keyless remote, and once you get used to them, unlocking your car with a traditional key feels like a pain. The most common reason they stop working is just because the battery needs replacing, but when they're broken for real, a new one can cost a small fortune. So before you go out and buy one, try this quick fix that worked for Redditor diggalator, and cost absolutely nothing. Basically, he pried the remote apart and to...

How To: Build Your Own Electric Vehicle with Modi-Corp's Upcoming DIY Pius Car Kit

If you've ever popped the hood of you car and went, "I can do that," then you're about to get your chance. A Japanese company called Modi-Corp has unveiled its plans to release a kit that will let you put together your very own electric car. Granted, it's not that impressive of a vehicle. Actually, the "Pius" is just a one-seater and somehow strangely classified in Japan as a "motorized bicycle." The "car" will only be able to reach top speeds of up to 21 mph, making it more of a go-kart than...

How To: Jack Up a Chevy Venture Van

This article will show you how to lift a Chevy Venture van using a floor jack and jack stands. This procedure may work on other vehicle types and models, such as cars and trucks. The key is to use the proper sized heavy duty floor jacks and jack stands to lift your vehicle, and locate the proper area of the vehicles frame to place the jack and stands.

How To: Repair a bad paint spot on your automobile

Performing spot repair on an automobile can be a complicated business for the non-expert, but this video describes all the steps necessary to accomplish it including pre-polishing, wetstanding, all the way through to the final polishing. Take a look at this simple guide on paint spot repair for vehicles and see how they manage to repair the paint on this Cavalier using 3M products and more.