How To: Find evidence of low oil pressure in your car

Find evidence of low oil pressure in your car

If the oil pressure gauge on your car is acting erratic, you might think that the fuel pump or filter on your car is bad. Assuming is not the way to fix your car, and in this video you'll learn how to figure out what is causing your low oil pressure, possibly saving you having to replace your filter and pump.

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Hello....i have a problem with my 2004 chevy impala 3.4. And i dont know if all is associated. Emergency brake doesnt work. Sooo...i got into my car after driving it earlier in evening the day before. Check engine light been on, and security light. started my impala up..brake light came on...emergency brake light on, and saying low fluid light on, security light been on, and check engine light. Sooo...i shut it off and checkd fluid half low sooo i refilled it. Waiting. .. started it up...pumped my went all the way to floor. Soooo ?? My radio been replaced with a newer cd player sooo to reset security hows it done ?? And tomm checkn for brake lines cuts, leaks.....then what?

Also...ive replaced rotors , calipers, pads on front and back. And brake fluid was only halfway low. Sooo tomm im checking brake lines for leaks and why.

How do i turn my security light off fixing that problem. My stereo been changed. Sooo how do i fix that.

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